theBExperTs novelty

Check out why theBExperTs is much more than a statistical calculator

In order to better understand the novelty behind theBExperTs, let's first explain some basics about football betting and present the current status of common statistical analysis offered by many providers.

Every football game in any betting company has the following schema: HomeTeam AwayTeam HomeOdd DrawOdd AwayOdd (e.g. Arsenal Chelsea 2.30-3.10-2.80).

Till recently, you only had the option to search for "head to head" historical statistics for the two opponents of any football game. Our introduced app, theBExperTs, now give you the option to ask for expert statistics that do not only depend on results' historical statistics (in our example it could be a simple statistic like that in the last 10 games between Arsenal and Chelsea, Arsenal has 4 wins, in 3 games there was a draw and Chelsea won 3 games) but they will also depend on betting odd historical statistics of your specific betting company (currently offering such service for Bet365, Bwin, Interwetten and Landbrokes).

Coming back in our example, a user could choose from a quite wide variety of offered choices in order to create specialized queries like the following,

  • what is the percentage of games won by Arsenal when played at home and had an odd with a range between 2.10 and 2.50 (of course the range of odds is specified by the user who also has the option to select a specific odd, like 2.30 in our case)
  • what is the percentage of home team wins, draws and away team wins in the English Premier League when the home team had an odd of 2.30 OR what is the percentage of confirmed draws in the English Premier League when the draw odd was in the range of 2.70 and 3.30 (in both cases the user cares only about the odds and not for the teams involved)
  • what is the percentage of games won by Chelsea when played away and had an odd equal to 2.80

Literally, the user can make multiple combinations as the application offers several options in order to help him decide for his bets.

Obviously, the application is still in an early stage, so even more options are yet to come, including statistics about over/under queries, more sports and of course more betting companies.