theBExperTs offer services that are quite straightforward to use. There are currently two (2) calculators, namely "BExperT" and "Marginator", each for a specific use. To view more details for each of them, click the equivalent plus (+) sign button of the following panels.

In case you want to directly move to a calculator, simply click the link button on the right side of the equivalent panel.

BExperT is quite straightforward to use. You simply have to select the parameters of your query via a series of drop-down menus. In particular,

  • Betting Company (i.e. Bet365, Bwin, Interwetten, Landbrokes)
  • Query Type (i.e. "According to team-odd combo" when you are interested for a specific team and odd(s), "According to odd" when you are interested only for the odd(s))
  • League (i.e. English Premier League, English Championship, Spain La Liga, Italy Serie A, German Bundesliga, France Ligue 1)
  • Team* (based on previous "League" selection)
  • Time Period (i.e. Current season, Last 2 seasons, Last 3 seasons)
  • Home or Away** (i.e. "Home" if the interested team plays home, "Away" if the interested team plays away)
  • Bet Type (i.e. "Specific Odd" when you are interested for a specific betting odd***, "Odd Range" when you are interested for an odd range***)

* "Team" is obviously not a choice when you select "According to odd" as a Query Type

** when "According to odd" is selected as Query Type, then this drop-down converts to "Home, Draw or Away"

*** all odds should be given in decimal format (e.g. 1.80, 2.7, etc)

Marginator is really easy to understand and use. Simply enter the betting odds of the fixture that interests you in the equivalent fields and let this simple calculator to advice you whether your bet is worth it or not.