About Us

The story behind theBExperTs

During all history of football betting, statistics are the first thing to check for every gambler. Statistics though are still pretty simple and do not offer much to the player except for some historical "head to head" results for the involved team(s). That was the gap that theBExperTs decided to fill. Apart from offering historical result statistics, they decided to offer betting odds' statistics as well.

And so it began...

theBExperTs - originally just BExperT - started their journey few years ago when the first lines of code were written in an attic somewhere in Northern Greece and executed locally via the old school command line. The conditions were not the best - financial crisis was spread all over - so their first steps had to be local, steady and experimental. After a first step of maturation, it then came the time for the next bigger step, for an international experience. The choice was the UK and the quite cold but undoubtedly amazing landscapes of Scotland. BExperT developed even more, gained experience, learned a lot and became cosmopolitan. Nowadays, theBExperTs finally go online and are ready to start their mission of helping football gamblers all over to world to win their fight against all odds..!

Wanna have more chances against the bookmakers..?? Together we can..!! Ask theBExperTs..!! The football betting experts..

And always remember that our first mission is to create a big, united community of gamblers. So, do not hesitate to contact us and make your suggestions. And of course, show us your support by liking our official page on Facebook (or click equivalent Facebook logo at the footer) and/or directly contacting us..!!